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One of the most rewarding aspects of Ohio Crankshaft
is receiving letters from customers telling us how much
they benefit from our products.

Below you will find some actual quotes from letters sent to us by customers. Thanks again for the feedback, you're the reason we keep making all the great products we do!

1030/17 - Racers Letters - Don Davish wrote - "Thanks Chip the 540 worked great, still on gas had 5.51 on most all day."
- Don Davishl

9/26/17 - Dale Thacker wrote: - We won the 5.50 Index class with your 598 cubic inch Chevy engine. We would like you to know you build a awesome engine, please put on your website! - thank you!

5/8/17 - Ohio Crank 434 Shortblock Wins First Time Out - Shannon Newell kicks off his 2017 season winning at Silver Dollar Raceway in his sharp Nova equipped with an Ohio Crank 434 small block Chevy Shortblock.
"First time out and got it done! Thanks again to you guys for your help! (yes I put your shirt on backwards to “represent” lol)"
- Shannon L Newell

11/8/16 -
Hi Stan,
I have just received the crankshaft on the pallet back here in New Zealand and have just opened up and checked the package.
I just wanted to say what an amazing made crankshaft and it fits perfectly. I am very impressed and will definitely be using Ohio Crankshafts in the future.

Thank you very much,
Scott Miller - New Zealand

11/26/15 - Ohio Crankshaft Power in Iceland - Letter from one of our great international customers:

The final was today and we were in #1. I'm a Icelandic campion in group OF after 4 rounds. The motor are very good and my best is at 5.17 ET and 4.83 ET on 250 hop nitrous. My 60 foot is a 1.09.

We used an Edelbrock controller for the nitrous and stepped it in from 0.20 and after 0.70 in full and the motor loved it. This guy on right is my engine man, Mr. Valur Vífilsson.

Thanks for everything guys. - Mbk Harry Þór

Not only reliable, but fast. 3 states, 4 tracks over 5 days and with a driver error induced "bad run" turned in the first day, we still managed to run in the 7's at every track (7.95, 7.61, 7.62 ,7.62, 7.56 ) and finish 2nd in the Unlimited class and 5th overall.
10/1/15 - Michael Wenzler, fastest Nitrous Street Car at 2015 Drag Week

Hi Stan,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for some great products! With many years, miles, and runs on my OC 598 shortblock, we just finished the nearly 1100 miles of Drag Week 2015, pulling a trailer (1500 lbs.).

We had complete confidence in our parts and program. Thanks again Ohio Crank !!!

- Thanks,
Michael Wenzler
598 OC shortblock , fastest N2O streetcar 2015 Drag Week

9/29/15 - Jeremy Mason Thanks
- Scott,

his past weekend, I put the Ohio Crankshaft backed dragster into the winners circle at Bristol Dragway. This is my first NHRA win and I am the Division 3 points leader going into my final race at Reynolds!

Switching to a new car AND engine combo was certainly a humbling experience at the beginning of the season, but it's starting to pay off. Beginning the season, I started with a few goals:
-Win an NHRA divisional race
-Finish Top 5 in my division

With this past weekends performance in Bristol, I have accomplished both of those goals and am leading the Division 3 points and I couldn't have done any of it without your support!

Jeremy Mason - JMR Performance

9/19/14 - Thank you for input- Stan,
Hey I just wanted to let you know that we got our blown dragster to run a 5.991 @ 236.51 last Friday night. This is the very first 5 second pass out of a Pontiac powered car. Wanted to say thank you for your valued input and tech help. We haven’t had a single issue with the engine all year thanks to your input.

- Thanks again,
Jeff Kauffman

9/16/14 - Had it together for 5 years - Hi Stan,
Wanted to say thanks for the superior quality of your products. I purchased 511 mopar stroker kit and the car has been deadly consistent and have had it together for 5 years. Here's a pic sporting Ohio Crank sticker

- Thanks,
“Dr Mopar” Dan Rodgers

8/23/14 - Thank You
Thank you for the 620 motor I am very happy The truck ran 6.03 first pass and faster every pass. running 5.90s . this is a 3500# lbs all steel truck... with me in it!
-Hobart Ambuehl, Midlothian Tx.

7/23/14 - Thanks Stan, first win in my dragster with an Ohio Crankshaft 632, dialed 7.38 all day long...

- Rob Jumper

The 632 peaked with Rob's carburetor at just under 1000 horsepower on first full pull on a extreme weather day, 90 + degrees and storm coming. Dyno torque reading were over 925 ft/lbs.

11/6/12 - Thank You!

I wanted to thanks for the 434 short block. The first weekend out and I won pro class at Brown County Dragway. I am very happy with it.

John Taylor,
Nineveh Indiana

8/1/12 - "We need more decals"

Hello all,
We are about to repaint our race car and need some more OHIO CRANKSHAFTS contingency type decals. We have run your crankshafts in all of our motors under much stress of blown nitromethane and they still perform time and time again. Simply a well engineered and quality machined product. Many thanks,

Steve Parker - Parker Racing Ltd.

11/6/12 - Thanks!!

Just an update from the 2012 racing season. I'm still using the 434 short block I purchased from you 2 years ago. Just filling you in on some of the success I have had with it. This year I ran the IHRA circuit in hopes of repeating my first divisional championship from 2011 (also won with your engine).

All of this success was acheived running your 434 short block. I would like to thank you for making a dependable, quality product!


Jeremy Mason

My IHRA season started at Mountain Park Dragway in Clay City, KY. Friday night was the combo bracket race which I won. Saturday was Quick Rod race 1. I battled through the field to Win! Sunday was Quick Rod race 2, which I got runner up in. Barely missed the double up, but still had a great weekend with 2 wins and a runner up.

My second IHRA race was contested at US 131 in Martin, MI and was a Nitro Jam. 1/4 mile racing is fairly new to me because in Kentucky we mainly 1/8th mile race. However, I have been working on my car and getting some seat time. Saturday was the National event with Sunday's event being the divisional race. I ended up winning both days and making the cover of DRM for this! I have attached the cover.

The very next weekend, I made my way to Memphis International Raceway in Memphis, TN for a Division 4 pro am. Saturday, I lost in the second round in a tough race. Sunday, I made it to 3 cars and when I came back on the throttle stop, my input shaft promptly snapped and left me dead. However, after this semi final finish, I had amassed 470 points and would have a large enough lead that no one could catch me. I had another race at London Dragway in London, KY which I lost on Saturday and Sunday in two hard races.

Even with my poor performance at the Division 3 finale, I had secured my second divisional championship in 2 years. Also, I won the Division 3 top performer, which is awarded to the driver, regardless of class, who earns more points than anyone in the division. Not to mention, I have won 6 more races this season running local big money bracket events in 7 finals.

7/8/12 - "What a ride!"

Hi Jeff / Stan
Just wanted to drop you line let you know my 632 is doing fine. I have not won many races this season but it is not from a lack of power. You and Stan and all the guys at Ohio Crankshaft do a very good job and turn out great engines.
( Best ET.-5.67, mph-122, 60’-1.24 this was at OBX-Drag strip.)
That was ride.

Have a good day, and thanks for all of your help,
Buddy Boyce
Tyner, North Carolina

8/29/11 - Thanks!!

I wanted to say thank you to you and Ohio Crankshaft for helping me capture my 3rd Straight Pro Points Championship at Lyons Raceway Park this past weekend!! Thanks so much for you support!!

Eric Bowling

8/18/11 - New engine from Ohio Crankshaft

I'm not sure who to send this to so you were first on the email list. Over the winter and spring I worked with a Gentlemen by the name of Dave Putman of Putman racing services out of Tonawanda NY. As you can see I am from Canada but became aware of Dave and his capabilities through another drag race enthusiast that has been working with my son and I for the past several years trying desperately to get our car to move forward respectfully.

Our goal was always to get into the single digits in the ¼ mile. Using builders in the Niagara Falls area of Ontario I was never confident that we were getting a fair shake both with components and a quality engine assembler that paid attention to what we wanted! Not what they wanted to build. Our best with a 393 based 351w ford in the car in the pictures was 10.30ish with a 1.47 60’ at 128-131mph. two years we fought with the combination we had with the dyno telling us we were making 640 hp at the crank @6500 rpm & 520 ftp of torque at 4800.

After consulting with Dave, he very quickly pointed us to your shop and the work you had done with him, mostly on hmmm chevy stuff LOL. He did try and persuade us to go big or go home with a BBC but we were stuck on brand loyalty. I said to Dave, let’s see what we can do one more time with OC equipment and his assembly knowledge, tuning etc with a Ford. Then if it didn’t work I would cave. Back in early spring we purchased under Putman racing services on my name and credit card if you want to look it up, a 438 351w based assembled short block from OC.
Dave pulled our cam (isky) heads (trickflow highport CNC only never touched out of the box), victor sr., and Pro System carb off the old motor and assembled the new.

The only other change we made other than your short block 438 was to remove a stock 1.76 PG gear and replaced it with a 1.98 (big change).

Jeff, woow, what a difference. My son can finally drive the car without having to look for problems or what we were asking him to watch for so we could try and improve what we thought the car was capable of.

Off the trailer on a break-in mild tune setup, the car ran a 1.31 60’ @ 9.70 @ 138 mph with the tires spinning off the line and the wheels in the air as per the pictures attached !!! The car is launching at 5000 rpm with a converter flashing to 5600. Our tire spin is due to older tire (2 yrs) with lots of tread. We are changing them before the next outing and we also know that the low tire pressure to compensate for the lack of hooking was wasting 60’ and 330 times. We believe the combination can easily achieve lower 9s.

Sorry for the long story but I am so pleased with the outcome, I had to give Ohio crank a big pat on the back from Ontario Canada. We regularly race at the Toronto motorsport Park Cayuga drag strip. Don’t worry everyone that has been watching us struggle over the past two-three years know why we are running like Jack the Bear now! Thanks to Ohio Crankshaft and Putman racing services out of Tonawanda NY.

Best regards
John Bisson

8/12/11 - THANKS!
Hi Scott,
I am very late with this, but just like to say thanks for building me the 434 last spring. It arrived in Arizona as planned, loaded it in the trailer and headed to the great white north. Great service , value and product. Works great. Life is good.   We will do it again.  Life is good. 

Thanks again, 
Jim Low

12/28/10 - Boat Guys Too!

Hey Scott,
Dont foget us Boaters ! This is our Checkmate 259 Convincor with your 555 short block assembly with a very mild hyd roller and 9.5 to 1 running low 80's on 92 octane !

Thank You,
Brent Smith,
Voss Auto

Please put this on your attaboy (attagirl) you guys deserve it!

11/8/10 - YOU GUYS ROCK!

Dear Ohio Crank,
I just wanted to drop you guys a note and tell you. YOU GUYS ROCK! I have been running my oc 496 kit all season and it has performed great! as a matter of fact, I won the division 4 super pro championship! in doing so I became the first female to EVER do so! I couldn't have done it without Ohio Crankshaft.

Thank You,
Sandra Marshall,
Big Upset Racing

We only turn it 7800-8000 rpm. It can run mid 5.20's all day long in 6000-7000 foot air on a soft tune. Remember this "grocery gitter" is 3120# with true ten five's and no wheelie bars

10/2/10 - The little 355 is honking right along!

Thanks for your help personally and all that Ohio Crankshaft has done in providing parts and especially parts in a hurry! We have won two in a row with a one point lead in points. Hopefully we will make it three. The little 355 is honking right along. We run a Superman 871 at 42-43 pounds of boost and pull out 22 degrees of timing to leave and its not back in until about 2 seconds. It has 23 degree track one heads and stainless valves. You guys made this happen and reliably at that! Again, thanks for all you do!

Thank You,
Ricky Dyer and Brad Swift

8/10/10 - Just wanted to take time to say THANKS

Dear Sirs;

Bought a rotating assembly for my 540 ci bbc from you a few weeks ago.Sent it to the machine shop to have it checked, and he told me it was the best stuff he had seen all year.!!!!!! It was all "spot on", he did not have to touch any thing, could have taken it out of the box and ran it for years he said. Just wanted to take time to say THANKS.

There is so much junk out there today, it's so nice to get good parts the first try for a change. Everybody wants to bash people from bad parts(and they should) thought I would take the time to tell you THANKS for GOOD PARTS.!

Thanks again.
Greg Farmer
P.S. I stay on several racing forums and i will be glad to let people know of the good service they can expect from Y'all.

It took 8 rounds to get to the finals and the car was within 1 number all day long with our Ohio Crankshaft 620!

4/26/10 - Winning Engine Combination

Hi Chuck!
Attached you will find a picture of Chris Williams' car after winning yesterday's Quick Fuel Super-Pro Race at Beech Bend Raceway Park, in Bowling Greem, Kentucky. We truly appreciate all of your help, and we're looking forward to a great 2010 season!

Thank You,
Forest Williams

Thank you so much and I hope we have sent several guys your way, Artie Cremer, and a couple guys from Eddyville Raceway said they got engines from you after they asked us about our 620.

We switched to Cometic head gaskets and that ended the issue of pushing out head gaskets between cylinders.

9/20/09 - Stan, THANKS for a GREAT ENGINE

We are year two with the 620 you built for us. As you might remember we ran it way to rich on alcohol, injection and wore the cylinders pretty bad. You got us replacement pistons in a couple days and 2009 has been an excellent year. The dragster dynode at 995 H.P. with the gas carb, same cam and heads you put in the 620. We are running 7.60s and 4.70s with a 3.80 gear! Shifting at 6700 and it hits the stripe at 6800 and 181 mph.

Appreciate your quality work,
Jok Nicholson

- - - -
20/09 - Stan, 620 to 632 update and more winning!

Just wanted to give you guys a shout-out about that 620 Super Series Chevy your shop built as a project engine for DragRacingOnline.com

Run #390 was a final round S/Pro win at Cedar Falls Raceway at their season opening weekend. The day before we got to the finals of S/Pro. Same crank, rods, (replaced pistons after I used wrong oil), camshaft, springs, heads, etc since you built it in 2007.

Thanks guys,
Jok Nicholson

Still churning out 7.60 ETs at 170 mph and super easy on parts (same valve springs and rockers since day one.

I made some runs with maximum 5000-6000 rpm to run in the engine. I changed the main jets to optimize the air/fuel ratio. On Sunday I made one run with max. 7000rpm. It was no full pass. ET was 8.72@160 mph. (Camaro `67, 2600 lbs)

9/19/09 - 632 pump gas engine in Germany

Hi Stan,
I just want to inform you that last weekend there was the first
time on the track with the new engine at the test&tune at Hockenheim Quatermile in Germany. The engine runs perfect and I was very happy. Maybe you have other
customers who were interested in such a pump gas engine.

Stan, thank you and Ohio Crankshaft for your support.

Robert Gassner

7/10/09 - Cambird Racing Thanks -

Somehow, in the midst of the excitement, I neglected to send this to you guys when Bobby got runner-up at HRP at the National Dragster Challenge on May 30th. There is also an article in the National Dragster that we just received. Yay !!
Bobby & Suni
CamBird Racing's Bobby Iven drank from the silver cup as he got runner-up in the National Dragster Challenge 1/4 mile bracket race at Houston Raceway Park in Baytown, Texas on Saturday, May 30, 2009. It was a long day and well worth the wait when he made it to the final round and got the money and the trophy for runner-up. That Ohio Crankshaft rotating assembly can definitely stand the Texas heat as well as the tough competition, and is still going strong. Thanks again for having great and dependable products and excellent customer service !!

As for me, I started off the season at Houston Raceway Park by going to the semi's on Saturday and the 1/8's on Sunday at the first two races in April, then going rounds at the next three races, which has put me in 8th in points out there so far. I'm looking for a top five finish there. We will keep you posted because your company and products have made our cars run great and we like for you to know that, and so you can let others know why our cars are so good and strong.

Suni Iven

6/23/09 - Canadian Thanks

We will be in touch soon for motor #2 from Ohio Crankshaft for our new ride and I will be calling you soon for some more parts.
Hey guys Vince here from Beaumont , Alberta Canada just wanted to thank you for your great service your company is truly a class act , We received the damper over night & ran the car this past weekend this 620 has been a pleasure to own, car weighs 3180lbs & runs low 9's all day long with just c12 fuel we ran 9:20 bang on 5 hits in a row , the car will be on the stop for the Rocky Mountain Nationals in hot rod here in Edmonton Ab..

Happy customer
Vince Gareau

12/4/08 - Thanks for all of the help

All is good here in Petal, Ms. Just wanted to stop and take time to say thanks for all the help in the past with all the different motor combos we have went with. Seems like they all work. I got second pace in the K.O.C. bracket series with my Ohio 468 BBC , and my Ohio Crankshaft 434 SBC in a friends car got first place! His name is Mike Cameron. take a look if you get a chance the web site is www.kocbracketseries.com

P.S. I will be calling you soon for some more parts.

Thanks for all the help,
-Scott Taylor

11/1/08 - "What a ride!"

Hi Stan,

I just wanted to let you know that the heads and cam combination you suggested works. I have only tested the car twice this season and Friday night gave me a big RUSH.

Right off the trailer I ran a .608 at over 113 mph. I am sure that the 590 will be there in a short while. This motor has some big Power, what a ride...

Thanks again for all of your help,
.Buddy Boyce
Tyner, North Carolina

4/2/08  We've Got Mail! -  Hey there Scott. I just figured out through the website how to get e-mail to you, I was going to mail a card out tonight.

I wanted to say thank you SO very much for the effort to bring my parts, and even before that, you took about 20 of my calls without hesitation, before I even indicated that I was going to make an order, were very polite and knowledgeable, answered all my questions and helped me all along the way during the process. I am completely impressed with the quality of the parts, and the time frame that ya'll got them done. I was amazed that you would take your time, while preparing for a big National event, to gather and bring my parts to Houston, Texas. I got a call last night from Bobby telling me we don't even need to grind on the block, that the parts fit perfectly.

I have told everyone I have come in contact with about your company and the quality of the customer service and support, the quality of parts and workmanship, and the speedy time frame to make and send parts to customers. I have my shirt on today, and will be proud to put your decals on my racecar as soon as we get it finished.

Also I would like to tell you that it was a pleasure meeting you and getting to hang out and talk with you some. I wish I could have spent more time over there with you, but I knew duty was calling you and I didn't wanna be in the way.

I have attached a video of me and my car making a pass a couple of weeks ago, and if it's OK with you, I'd like to send you a pic or two of it after we get it running.

Thanks again and have a great day. - Suni

9/21/08 - 10.06 @ 3,600 lbs - Here is a photo of my 1969 Roadrunner using your 499 kit. We won the points championship in the Promax Series no power adder Muscle Street class in 2007. The car went a best of 10.06 at 3600lbs. with a 1.42 60 foot and 134 in the quarter mile. We were class winners in Rockingham and at Mopar Nationals this year.
Thanks for the support,
-Greg Van Hoose

9/21/08 - Just wanted to say Thanks to Jeff and Scott and the rest of the people who helped on the 632 project. The new Dart Block runs awesome, on a shakedown pass with NO NITROUS And a gear/convertor set-up to run on spray The 3000 lb camaro still went 8.88 and 8.87 and it's 2nd and 3rd pass MPH WAS 158 AND 159. IF I didn't run this thing in Outlaw 10.5 it would make a great super comp/super gas set-up. Excellent work guys!
Customer for life
- Chris Levangie

Dear Ohio Crank,
I just found your net site and want to share with you that not only do you build a great block, but while doing so you help build memories. The first time my family and I were in the winners circle we sported one of your 555 blocks. There is nothing like being 1 in the morning and seeing your car come rolling up to the lights for another 5.30 pass. One evening your power plant took us to a win in dirty dozen and the night cap in Tennessee. Hope to purchase another block or possible engine in the future.
Thanks! - Johnny

Stan and The Guys,
Everythings been going good this year with the new blower motor you built. Here's a picture from Ellsworth, Wisconsin, where we won last week. The motor's real strong and reliable.
- Lance Fleming
In 2 Deep pulling

Jeff and the OC Team,
I called you guys up a couple months ago and had you put together a 388 for me. I talked to Jeff. Well I got my motor off the truck a couple weeks later, bolted some aluminum AFR's and a few other goodies. This ol' 388 really surprised me! Ya'll did one hell of a job. My 3300 pound Nova trips the 60' light with the back tires and runs consistent 6.70's on motor in the 1/8th mile. I've not strapped it to a dyno yet but I'm sure when I do it will lay down some impressive numbers for a street driven pump gas small block. My hard earned money means a lot to me and you guys really put it to work. Thanks for treating me right and sending me one hell of a small block!!
- Mark Roper, 72 Nova - Gilkey, NC

I'm foot brake leaving at 2,500 rpm, bam, I'm pinned back tripping the 60' time with the rear wheels, front end still 2' in the air, watch the g-forces slam me back in the seat. This thing is a 3,470 lb sb pump gas street car, its not supposed to do that!!!!! No exotic anything, out of the box 23 degree heads, a $450 NOS plate with small jets, and junk $40.00 chrome slapper bars.

Did I ever mention that your short block has almost no leak down, put 90 psi in, every hole holds 89 and change. Between us boys, there are some very neat tricks in my mtr, namely the camshaft - there is 50 hp in it over anything else available!

Another update, my good friend, Tom Monehan bought your 550 pump gas dyno engine (because I told him you guys were the best) it's doing good. Has ran 11.60 @ 117 in a '67 Chevelle with traction problems, 3.55 gear, etc. Still getting it right. He is happy with it, but like the rest of us, wants to go faster, I asked him how fast he wanted to go, he told me just a little faster than what I run so he can kick my ass. The 'ole urban assault beast may be getting a 400 shot!!!
You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You Again,
- Terry Lacrone

My dad and I purchased a bbc short block for a 1967 camaro streetable. Has 10.5 tire, 3400 lbs., and runs 10.11 through mufflers. Iron heads with tuning now, 9.80 soon. It's the best money ever spent. And by the way no NOS, but were itching. Thanks again to your whole team.
- Stan and Billy - Laurel, MS

Just wanted to say thanks for everything all you guys have done for me and my friends. You now have done 7 motors for us, not all complete motors but 4 of them were complete. At least the short block on the rest. You have been fair and everyone there is very professional and friendly. I will continue to do business with Ohio Crankshaft and recommend anyone who asked about you guys. Hopefully I won't see you again until my motor needs freshened. HA HA HA. Or if we start a new project. Notice the sticker above maaco, my car will not be the only one proudly displaying your decal this year.
Thanks Again Everyone...
- Dean Stevens,
Starcar Auto Sales

OC Staff-
Just wanted to take a minute to say Thanks for the very reliable 555 short block I am running. I got the shortblock in 2003 and ran two seasons with no problems. The car ran 5.16 every pass and the motor was flawless. I run QR/SC and couldn't have asked for a better setup. I put a total of 400 passes on the motor and when we freshend it up it was clean! That says alot. The 2006 season is starting off with a brand new car from Miller Race Cars. I hope to have the same luck that I had with my Undercover. See you in 2006.
-Stan Adler

After two years, all quarter mile runs have been in the 12.2's and I've run it as hard as I could. I just opened up the engine to find everything is clean and no problems to be found. It looks like the day I put it together. Thanks a whole bunch, guys!
- Stan Shanholtz
Pueblo Colorado

The Baddest 540 in Maryland.
Hey Scott, what's up? This is Li'l Will. That motor you designed for me is breaking guys in half, man. I've got guys building slow 600+ cubes trying to get around this, and I'll say it again, "The Baddest 540 in Maryland". I have been 8.30 on the motor, shifting at 6500 like you told me to shift to get those horses unleashed. Soon I will try to shift when you told me with the car weight at 2410 with me in it. The motor is right, I have two stages of nitro for her, one fog and one plate, and she will get to it before long, thanks man.
Thank You!
- Li'l Willie

Thanks for the great service and products. We had our best season yet in late models.
- Ryan Griffith,
2004 Hamilton Speedway Track Champion

Thank you for your assistance . . . keep up the excellent work.
- Doug Foley,
Doug Foley Racing School

My Ohio Crankshaft 434 small block, 3500 lb. street car . . .ran 6 straight 10:80s at 123 mph . . . I trusted the combination of your parts, and I think I spent my money wisely . . .With your advice I nailed a great combination, without breaking the bank.
- Terry LaCrone
71 Camaro

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