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Latest Ohio Crankshaft News

3/17/15 - NEW Merlin Block - We have in stock the new MERLIN III 9.850" block that let's you go up to 603 Cu. in. in a short deck with no special parts required.

Ohio Crankshaft w ill be announcing rotating assemblies and short blocks soon.

2/28/15 - Back In Stock - 460 Ford cranks 4.3" and 4.6", Chevrolet 454 4.25" w/ 1 pc. seal, a few Pontiac 4340 400x.3.75.

2/27/15 - Crankshaft Repair - We repair, weld, grind, etc. most types of crankshafts including large diesels. We do not charge you to look at them.

Box them good, ship in with a note clearly stating what you want to do and include a daytime phone number. *Note non repairable cranks will be scrapped in 45 days unless you want them shipped back.

2/26/15 - Bushed Lifter Bores - As cams and springs get more aggressive, lifter bore issues are becoming more common. We can CNC machine all SBC and BBC blocks up to .904".

Take a tour of our entire shop, including our machinery features, with our online shop tour.

2/24/15 - LS Long Stroke - Ohio Crankshaft has a limited amount of 4.25" stroke cranks for the more adventurous LS engine builders.

2/22/15 - The King of Illinois - We have joined with Jegs and Luke Bogacki to sponsor the king all cash race at the Summer Door Car Shootout, July 17-19 at the I-57 Dragstrip.

2/21/15 - Nostalgia AA Gassers - We have joined as a sponsor for this very cool series. How can you not enjoy watching Jim Oddy tune on a AA gasser? Visit nostalgiaaagassers.com

2/20/15 - Going Around - Watch our ads every month is Speedway Illustrated for more new stuff.

2/19/15 - New Crankshaft Blems List - Selection of 454 cranks, 5140, 4340, ProMax and cast. Also 460 crankshafts

These crakshafts are brand new but required machining beyond standard journal dimensions are listed on our latest Racing Junk advertisement.

2/16/15 - 582 Prototype - We have finished the testing on our new 582 16 degree motor and the prototype engine is now for sale.

Call Scott at (800) 333-7113 for pricing..

2/11/15 - CHEVY LS - These motors are becoming extremely popular and we have the cranks and rods and are also building many complete engine configurations.
2/10/15 - Attaboy Frank Paladino - Winning the Eldora Speedway 2014 stock car championship with Ohio Crankshaft engine components. View our extensive attaboy pages.

photo credt - J&T Photos

2/9/15 - PARTS - Ohio Crankshaft is a distributor for almost all of the major engine parts companies. Save on rings and bearings as well as blocks, heads, etc. See just part of our line card on the right. >>>

1/6/15 - Ohio Crankshaft No Box Nationals - The Ohio Crankshaft No Box Nationals will be back at Lyons Raceway Park in Linton Indiana on June 11 through 14.

1/6/15 GARAGE SALE - Over 45 years we have accumulated a lot of "stuff" and are going to clean it up. We have pistons, heads, cranks, and a lot of other parts. Watch this page for updates. Example: SBC 3.8" crank, one dyno run, small scratch on one main, $350

View the full description and pricing on our complete
engines page
11/18/14 - NEW 16 Degree 582 makes 1100HP!
First dyno test on this combination using the new Bill Mitchell 16 degree heads yielded 1,091 Horsepower using a carb not maxxed for this combination. 1100+ will be no problem with a little tuning. This is an ideal motor for fast brackets or to speed up your 8.90/9.90 program.
Call Scott for more info

Trying new intake manofold combinations,

11/16/14 - SEE OHIO CRANKSHAFT AT THE PRI SHOW - Dec 12th, 13th and 14th
See us same spot as last year, Booth #4443.
Will have the new 1100HP 16 degree 582 BBC.

11/15/14 - Winter Engine Refresh - Need to get engines in soon. Call us for help on shipping.

11/13/14 - HOLIDAY SCHEDULE - Closed November 27th to 30th, Closed December 25th to 28th and Closed January 1st - HAPPY HOLIDAYS

10/23/14 - New 16 Degree Big Block Chevy - Ready to start dyno testing a 582 with the new Bill Mitchell 16 degree heads.

10/19/14 - New Ohio Crankshaft Blems List - Wide assortment of crankshafts that are brand new but required machining beyond standard journal dimensions are listed on our latest Racing Junk advertisement.

10/8/14 - Want a nice bike? - View the RacingJunk.com advertisement for the nicest Sportster around. 5000 miles, one owner, not a scratch on it. Some extra chrome. This is the most desirable model with forward controls and bigger fuel tank.
e-mail aj481x@aol.com

9/25/14 - 598 Shortblock combo sale $6950 - View our RacingJunk.com advertisement for a deal.

See more letters to Ohio Crank on the Racer's Letters Page 9/24/14 - Thank you for input- Stan,
Hey I just wanted to let you know that we got our blown dragster to run a 5.991 @ 236.51 last Friday night. This is the very first 5 second pass out of a Pontiac powered car. Wanted to say thank you for your valued input and tech help. We haven’t had a single issue with the engine all year thanks to your input.

- Thanks again,
Jeff Kauffman

9/23/14 - 440/Hemi Cranks - In stock right now in all sizes. Also have a few 3.75" and 4.150" with big block Chevy journals.

9/23/14 - The boss is back - After a few weeks of flirting with nurses Stan is back on the job.

9/21/14 - Had it together for 5 years - Hi Stan,
Wanted to say thanks for the superior quality of your products. I purchased 511 mopar stroker kit and the car has been deadly consistent and have had it together for 5 years. Here's a pic sporting Ohio Crank sticker

- Thanks,
“Dr Mopar” Dan Rodgers

9/20/14 - Pontiac 4340 400/3.75 Crankshafts - A few in stock, but they never last long.

9/5/14 - BIG ATTAGIRL to Michelle Furr - Michelle was the Winner Friday in her Ohio Crankshaft powered Super Comp dragster in the DRAW/RFC Super Comp Shootout at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, North Central Division, event at Beech Bend Raceway Park
9/4/14 - Aluminum Blocks In-Stock - We have Bill Mitchell Products aluminum blocks in stock for your next engine project.

Small block and big block Chevy both in stock. From street to race engines.

View our complete blocks and rotating assemblies pages

8/20/14 - ATTABOY GANG Hats off to Kathy and Bob Floch and the entire "Bullet Bob" gang with Don Blackshear behind the wheel. Using the Ohio Crank Nostalgia Nitro crankshaft the team has won IHRA Nitro Altered at Bradenton and Maryland International. Way to go.

8/5/14 - ONE ONLY - 598 big block Chevy website special - 598 big block Chevy Short block and Brodix head Package - Brodix BB3XTRA 345 Heads, !
FEL PRO head gaskets, Merlin III 10.2 block, Ohio Crankshaft 4340 4.500 crank,
Ohio Crankshaf H6700 rods, SRP 14.2 comp. pistons, plasma moly rings, race bearings.
$6950.00 - SAVE $550.00!.

7/23/14 - Rob Jumper, Wins with new Ohio Crank 632 - Check out the Ohio Crank letters page to see many great success stories with our products. Rob says, "Thanks Stan, First win in my dragster with an Ohio Crankshaft 632, dialed 7.38 all day long."

8/23/14 - Thank You
Thank you for the 620 motor I am very happy The truck ran 6.03 first pass and faster every pass. running 5.90s . this is a 3500# lbs all steel truck... with me in it!
-Hobart Ambuehl, Midlothian Tx.

See more racer and rodder product and service reviews on our letters page.

7/22/14 - Ohio Crankshaft racers have big week - Shawn Bowen won Nitro Funny Car at the IHRA Nitro Jam in Cordova, BJ Sexton won T/D Dragster at the NHRA Division 3 at National Trails, Rusty Cook scored a runner up at the Summit Nationals at Norwalk and bracket ace Eric Bowling added two more wins to his long list.

- Photo by James Sisk
7/1/14 - Good Car, Great Driving - Ted Peters wins the the Nostalgia Pro Stock Association’s “Black Arrow Cup” at Sikeston Raceway with Ohio Crankshaft. See full event coverage here at Competition Plus.

6/22/14 - Congratulations to everyone at the Ohio Crankshaft 2014 No Box Nationals - Congrats to Triple O Promotions for creating the largest of their No Box Nationals events to date. See the event coverage here.

6/5/13 - Attaboy Eric Bowling - Starting the month of May off at Muncie Dragway Eric Bowling would roll through the competition with an average reaction time of .513 through 7 rounds of competition.

See more on Eric and other racer accomplishments on the attaboy page.

5/28/13 - New Crankshaft Blems List - Wide assortment of Cast Ford, 4340 BBC, Cast BBC, 4340 Pontiac 455 and 4340 Ford 351C crankshafts that are brand new but required machining beyond standard journal dimensions are listed on our latest Racing Junk advertisement.
5/5/14 - Cinco de Mayo - Cerveza para todos
5/1/14 - BLACK SMOKE - We do not sell cranks for diesels but we do repair and modify shafts used in all kinds of truck and tractor pulling.
4/29/14 - New Blems List - Will post a new list next week
4/16/14 - Atta Boy Bob - Bob Downey scores his first Pro class win at National Trail Raceway with his Ohio Crankshaft 421 small block Chevy.

3/5/14 - NEW Dart 305 Blocks In Stock - Ohio Crankshaft has the new Little M 305, Dart 5-liter engine block. The premium replacement small-block features a Brinell hardness rating of 220 which is the same properties employed in all Dart race-series blocks, but with smaller cylinder bores and full water jacket construction. Blind-tapped head bolt holes are used throughout.

2/20/14 - New lower prices on our popular 620 sportsman shortblock starting at $4345 - At Ohio Crankshaft, we always work to find the best components combined with the best pricing for our package specials.

We now pass on new lower prices on our popular 620 sportsman shortblock that features SRP Pistons, Ohio Crankshaft H-beam rods and our own 4340 4.750 crankshaft. See our Chevy big block shortblock page for more info.
2/4/14 - Back In The Black - 4340 small block Chevy, 400x3.48, 460 Ford 4.140" and Chrysler 340x4" are back in stock. Current inventory is close to 1100 total cranks.
2/3/14 - 355/360 Rules? - Call us about a really trick shortblock, big bore short stroke.

2/3/14 - Pump Gas Engine Packages - We have several pump gas engines available. These dyno-proven engine combinations are ideal for street and marine, but also many bracket racers are switching because of cost, reliability and convenience.

Check the Ohio Crankshaft complete engine page.

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