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Latest Ohio Crankshaft News

1/4/17 - NEW 598 Shortdeck 20 Degree BBC
Merlin III 9.850 block, Ohio Crankshaft 4340 Promax 4.500 crank, Ohio Crankshaft Extreme Duty 6.535 rods, Dart 20 deg heads
See specs and pricing on our engines page

Dynoed @ 1120 hp & 926 ft lb torque
With free engine stand
FREE SHIPPING in the 48 states

2/26/16 - Short Blocks in Stock -
632 Sportsman Big Block Chevy
598 Race Sportsman Big Block Chevy

2/26/16 - Cranks in stock - Over 1200 pieces in stock. Inventory will never be better.

12/24/16 - MOTORS IN STOCK Buy Now! -
427 Small Block Chevy Pump Gas
540 Big Block Chevy All Aluminum Pump Gas
598 Big Block Chevy BIG Power Dart 20 Degree - 1120 Horsepower
632 Big Block Chevy Pump Gas

12/5/16 - NHRA Contingency 2017 - Ohio Crankshaft will be an NHRA national event contingency sponsor for crankshafts in 2017 For decals e-mail info@ohiocrank.com
12/5/16 - PRI SHOW - Dec. 10th, 11th and 12th Visit us booth 4443 Same spot as last year. Watch for unadvertised, show only specials.

11/28/16 - New 415-434 NOS-Turbo/Blown Small Block Chevy ShortblockBillet cap Motown block, BBC cam core, Ohio Crankshaft 4340 350 x 3.875 or 4.00 crank, Ohio Crankshaf E6000 rods w/ARP2000 bolts, Diamond nitrous or turbo/blower pistons plus much. much more.
Visit the Ohio Crank Chevy Small Block Short Block page for this new combo.

11/12/16 - ATTABOY - Jeremy Mason wins NHRA Division 2 Super Comp at Rockingham with OC power. Rusty Cook went a bunch of rounds as well.

Visit the attaboy page for more standout competitors using Ohio Crank products
11/8/16 - Letters - Hi Stan, I have just received the crankshaft on the pallet back here in New Zealand and have just opened up and checked the package.
I just wanted to say what an amazing made crankshaft and it fits perfectly. I am very impressed and will definitely be using Ohio Crankshafts in the future.
Thank you very much,
Scott Miller

See any more Ohio Crankshafts customer letters here.

11/7/16 - All Aluminum Pump Gas 540 Big Block Chevy chevy - Ohio Crankshaft's new ALL ALUMINUM 540 Pump Gas combination is availabe.
BMP aluminum block and heads, Ohio Crankshaft Crank and Rods. Dyno tested 750 hp & 700 ft lb torque.
See all of the detailed components and pricing on the Ohio Crankshaft Complete Engines Page.

11/9/16 - Ohio Crankshaft adds 355 Rules Small Block Chevy to our Shortblocks Page - Some of the features include: Ohio Crank crankshaft 4340 3.50 x 3.250s, Ohio Crank 6.125 H Beam rods, SRP forged fla ttop pistons, plasma moly rings,
race bearings, Dart SHP Block- Internally balanced

See details on the Ohio Crank small block Chevy Shortblocks Page.

11/7/16 - The Ultimate Single Cylinder Crankshafts - "You just knew this Jr Dragster thing would get out of hand." Seriously, Ohio Crankshaft does repair some big stuff.


· We topped off the year with our quickest 1/8th mile time slip, 3.935, doing so with a relatively mild tune that was such a great feeling lap.
10/28/16 - Kathy and Kevin Fisher with the Ohio Crankshaft, Procharger House Car

For 2016,
• Qualified for every event we entered, PDRA/NHRA D3/NHRA National, with a combined average of #9 position.
· We finished the PDRA season, competing in just 6 of 9 total events, in the #4 spot. (This was only my second season running the class)
10/27/16 - Aluminum Rods - All numbers of our very popular rods are back in stock.
10/27/16 - ATTABOYS, AGAIN! - Congratulations to Jr. Ward, driving the Jim Oddy 1934 Willys sedan. The pair took their fourth championship for the Nostalgia AA/Gassers presented by Mickey Thompson Performance Tires and Wheels.
mopar 10/23/16 - 340/360 Chrysler Strokers - We are again shipping several MOPAR combinations
10/22/16 - YEAR END CLEARANCE- Watch for our ad in the final issue of National Dragster and here on website.
10/21/16 - Pontiac Cranks - Most numbers in good supply
10/20/16 - PRI Will be in booth 4443 again. Stop and see us.
9/28/16 - Billet Cranks - Almost all part numbers in stock, don't wait.
9/27/16 - Crankshaft Heat Treating - This is an Ohio Crankshaft proprietary process and is now available for all shafts. The process involves and extended period of heating in Ammonia gas, then quenching at controlled temperature. This is a tempering process designed to strengthen the shaft, not make it harder. Ask your salesman for more info.
9/15/16 - BOYZ on the phone - If you call OC you won't hear " please hold, dial this or that" You will speak to a real person, a person with at least 12 years on the job and probably a lot more. We answer from 7AM until 5PM, Mon. to Fri.
9/15/16 - Big Block Chevy 665 - For many years the standard big cubic inch BBC Chevy was a 632. We are now working on 665 cubic inch combinations at popular prices.
9/15/16 - Michelle Furr - Coming Very Soon

Michelle Furr's brand new C7 Corvette Roadster with OC 632 cubic inch power.
9/14/16 - BBF Fords - All stroke cranks in stock from 4.140" to 4.600"
9/14/16 PROCHARGER - We are building many options including iron and aluminum blocks. This is definitely the way to go for T/D, Q16, etc. Qualify easily every time. We have the parts, plus the advice and tune up to win national events.
9/13/16 - Back in Black - Back in stock BBC 3.76 and 4.375 4340 cranks 6.7" Extreme Duty Rods
9/13/16 - ATTABOY Chip - Another Q8 win at Muncie Dragway.

Visit the Ohio Crankshaft attaboy page
9/12/16 - Crankshaft Repairs - We do not charge to inspect your crankshaft.
8/8/16 - Oddy & Ward win at Lancaster - Qualified number two, finished number one. - -
- Attaboys -

7/25/16 - ATTABOY Shaun Bowen - Nitro Funny Car winner at the IHRA Rocky Mountain Nationals.

Visit the Ohio Crankshaft attaboy page
7/20/16 - Congratulations - Dustin Smiley, the Ohio Crankshaft "King of Illinois" Summer Door Car Shootout champion at
I-57 Dragstrip.

7/18/16 - ATTABOY Jeremy Mason - Super/Comp runner-up finish at the NHRA Division 3 LODRS in Columbus Ohio.

7/6/16 - Two NEW Blems Lists - Blems, used, and repaired crankshafts.
Racing Junk list of blems, used and repaired cranks
Blem crankshafts are brand new but required machining beyond standard journal dimensions.
Racing Junk list of ProMax blem crankshafts
6/28/16 - ** ADENDUM ** Rusty Runner Up at Norwalk Again - For the second year in a row, Rusty Cook finished runner up at the Norwalk NHRA national event and has now moved in to the #1 position in NHRA national point! Also an attaboy for Jeremy Mason for getting to the semis in Super Comp.

Visit the Ohio Crankshaft attaboy page
6/20/16 - Rusty Cook Picks Up Another Wally - Rusty wins Super Comp at the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals n Bristol following Runner Up finish at Atlanta and win at the Atlanta NHRA LODRS.. Rusty was close to a "double up" with the Corvette. Also great performances by Michelle Furr in Super Comp and Kathy Fisher in Top Dragster
6/24/16 - New England Super Class Winners - Attaboys to Tom Stalba in Super Gas and John Smith Super Comp for your wins at the 2016 NHRA New England Nationals
. .

See coverage HERE
6/17/16 - Ohio Crankshaft No Box Nationals Coverage - The 2016 Ohio Crankshaft No Box Nationals was very successful this past weekend! We had four days of hot and beautiful weather and lots of great racing! We truly appreciate all of your years of support!
Thank you, - Greg Dillman and Allyn Neff
6/2/16 - Bader Gets Big Win at Santa Pod - Swiss driver Bruno Bader in the Gotham City Corvette also translated a low qualifying position into a class win, defeating last season's champion, Micke Gullqvist, in the final with a class low number (and Personal Best) 5.939/235.28 mph to a 5.964/245.07 mph from Gullqvist.
Bruno is a long time Ohio Crankshaft customer and is looking for a big year on the European Pro Mod circuit.

Visit the Ohio Crankshaft attaboy page

5/31/16 - ATTAGIRL Michelle - Michelle Furr takes he Ohio Crank powered '68 Camaro SS to another NHRA Super Street win. This time at the NHRA Sports Nationals in Bowling Green, KY.
5/24/16 - SMOKIN'  - Duramax diesel H-beam rods coming soon.
5/23/16 - HELP WANTED - Looking for experienced engine assembler and machinist. E-mail a resume here.
5/17/16 - ATTABOY RUSTY - Atlanta!

Rusty Cook wins Super Gas at NHRA Atlanta Division 2 LODRS.

Rusty also scored Runner-Up in Super Gas at the NHRA Southern Nationals at Atlanta Dragway.

5/20/16 - Cast Cranks Less and Less - High Performance cast and nodular cranks are becoming less available as more forged shafts become available.
Ohio Crankshaft still stocks some popular ones but will not be replacing the inventory. This will also apply to 5140 steel shafts as 4340 is better at only a slightly higher cost.
5/20/16 - ProMax Cranks - The ProMax cranks have been a huge success for us and during the summer we are going to offer reduced costs on some upgrades.
Look for the ProMax line in for each engine application on our crankshafts pages.
5/20/16 - Blocks - Performance blocks are always in short supply but we try and keep a good inventory of Dart and World as well as Brodix aluminum.

View our extensive attaboy pages for much more on Eric's winning ways.
4/21/15 - Eric Bowling Kicks off the 2016 Season with 12 Consecutive Round-Wins - First weekend out this past weekend started off great for Eric Bowling. Eric uses Ohio Crankshaft rotating assembly kits in his small block powered Chevy Blazer. Eric commented, "We won on Saturday and on Sunday without losing a round. So far 12-0 in competition rounds. Thanks for all of your support!"
Second weekend of racing for Eric, has yet to lose a round of competition. Current record for 2016 is 19 rounds won - zero losses!

4/8/16 - NEW ProCharger Race Drive in Stock- The new Procharger Race Drive with F1X12R ideal for 2000 HP This unit set up at +40% overdrive. Perfect with our Brodix ProCharger short block.

4/4/16 - NEW Premium Crank Blems - for
(8) LS 4" stroke, (4) BBC ProMax 4.75",
(4) Pontiac 455x 4.25" - All are brand new, micropolished ready to balance and assemble
Racing Junk premium crank blem blem list specials
See RJ ad for specifics and pricing

3/25/16 - NEW Blems List - 4340 crankshafts for: BBC, GM LS, Ford 460, Ford 351W, Pontiac.
Cast cranks for BBC 454x4" 10r/10m $195
Used crank for BBC
Racing Junk blem list specials.
Blem crankshafts are brand new but required machining beyond standard journal dimensions.
3/25/16 - GZ Vacuum Pump Kits - Now in stock, a complete kit at sportsman prices.
3/8/16 - CONTINGENCY DECALS - NHRA racers, you must have your decals to get paid.

E-mail request to aj481x@aol.com

3/8/16 - Shawn Bowen Wins IHRA-Orlando - Attaboy to Shawn for wining the kick-off event for IHRA 2016 at the Nitro Nationals in Nitro Funny Car competition.

Visit the Ohio Crankshaft attaboy page

3/7/16 - O-rings, Receiver Grooves, Lifter Bushings - We do them all, also aluminum welding, and crank repair.. Take our shop tour
2/25/16 - 9th Annual Ohio Crankshaft No Box Nationals - view 2016 event flyer
2/22/16- Rebuilt LS Short Block - LS 408 Short Block Rebuilt, started with a GM 6.0L used block that was completely remachined and assembled with our 408 stoker kit. All new parts.

For much more info, Visit the Racing Junk sale page for this short block
2/22/166 - Pontiac 455 Crankshafts - Nodular cast replacement 455 Pontiac crankshafts - brand new $275
2/22/16- 444 SBC Complete Dyno Engine 650 HP - $8,500 - 4.2" x 4" Motown block, JE Pistons,
.700" cam with 4/7 and Jesel Rockers,
Heads are GM bowtie with professional porting, heads are used but fresh with all new valves, everything else in motor is brand new

For much more info, Visit the Racing Junk sale page for this engine
1/26/16 - Pontiac Cranks - All popular Pontiac crankshaft sizes and strokes in stock
1/26/16 - PROMAX All BBC in Stock - PROMAX Big Block Chevy Cranks listed here.
1/26/16 - Chrysler Cranks - We have our biggest inventory ever of forged cranks for 440, Hemi, 340, and 360. Visit the Ohio Crank Chrysler crankshaft page.
1/26/16 - DIRT CAR ALERT - Be sure your air cleaner is sealed up, both to the carb and filter to container. We are seeing rebuild jobs with a lot of ring and guide wear.
1/12/16 - ProCharger Shortblock - Race proven Brodix block combination See full info on the Ohio Crank Big Block Short Block Page.
1/4/16 - New Crankshaft Blems List - BIG list of 4340 BBC, SBC, FORD, CHRYSLER, PONTIAC and LS crankshafts plus, BBC 5140 and cast cranks

These crankshafts are brand new but required machining beyond standard journal dimensions are listed on our latest Racing Junk advertisement.
1/2/16 - NHRA Contingency 2016 - Ohio Crankshaft will be an NHRA national event contingency sponsor for crankshafts in 2016
1/1/16 - Staying Balanced - CWT Industries has delivered us a new model 5500 Multi Bal computerized balancer.
12/28/15 - BBC in Stock - Two of our most popular motors, the 620 Bracket motor and the 632 Pump gas are in stock ready to ship.
12/2/15 - SPEEDWAY ILLUSTRATED - The December issue of Speedway Illustrated is out and pages 42-44 feature a nice article by J.A. Ackley about Ohio Crankshaft dirt track engines.

Check it out.

Read more correspondence on the Ohio Crank Letters Page
11/26/15 - Ohio Crankshaft Power in Iceland - Letter from one of our great international customers:

The final was today and we were in #1. I'm a Icelandic campion in group OF after 4 rounds. The motor are very good and my best is at 5.17 ET and 4.83 ET on 250 hop nitrous. My 60 foot is a 1.09.

We used an Edelbrock controller for the nitrous and stepped it in from 0.20 and after 0.70 in full and the motor loved it. This guy on right is my engine man, Mr. Valur Vífilsson.

Thanks for everything guys. - Mbk Harry Þór

11/16/15 - ATTABOY - Dusty and Dick Miller finished 1-2 in United Manual Transmission Racing Association Southern Division points, both use Ohio Crankshaft 427 SBC power.

9/28/15 - BIG Weekend at Bristol - Jeremy Mason wins Super Comp, Rusty Cook semi final and Michelle Furr runner up in Super Stock

Visit the attaboy page for more standout competitors using Ohio Crank products

11/6//15 - Bob Downing scores another Pro win at Clicker Dragstrip
Photo credit Roger Richards/Competition Plus 10/28/15 - ATTAGIRL Kathy - Kathy Fisher, driving the Ohio Crankshaft-ProCharger powered Top Dragster won the PDRA season finals at Richmond Virginia.

Kathy ran 3.90s all weekend and ended the season with a great win!

Visit the attaboy page for more standout competitors using Ohio Crank products

10/20/15 - BIG ATTABOY Shawn Bowen - Three Years in a row, the Drag Racing Online, AA/FC champion, also runner up at IHRA World Finals with low qualifier 5.58 ET which is under the current IHRA Nitro Funny car world record.
Visit the Ohio Crankshaft attaboy page

10/14/15 - CLEARANCE - NEW Crankshaft Blems List - See the latest inventory - deep discounts on new SB and BB Chevy plus Ford crankshafts Racing Junk advertisement.

See more winning racers on our attaboy page
10/7/15 - JR WARD AND JIM ODDY WIN 2015 CHAMPIONSHIP - After a dominating year of performance, Jr Ward, driving Jim Oddy’s 1934 Willys Sedan “Junkyard Dog”, took home the 2015 Nostalgia AA/Gassers Championship. Not only did the team set a new record for the club running an outstanding 4.75 ET at 148 MPH in the eighth mile, they won 5 of the 6 events and made it to the finals in their only defeat. Congrats to the team running Ohio Crankshaft components.
10/7/15 - CAST BLAST - Nodular 383 one and two piece and 400 are back in stock.

10/5/15 - ELDORA UMP Dirt Nationals - Phlipot/Garke win D main, 6th in C main

We had complete confidence in our parts and program. Thanks again Ohio Crank !!!

Read Michael's complete letter on the Ohio Crankshaft Letters Page

10/1/15 - Michael Wenzler, fastest Nitrous Street Car at 2015 Drag Week

Hi Stan,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for some great products! With many years, miles, and runs on my OC 598 shortblock, we just finished the nearly 1100 miles of Drag Week 2015, pulling a trailer (1500 lbs.).

9/29/15 - Jeremy Mason Thank You
- Scott,

his past weekend, I put the Ohio Crankshaft backed dragster into the winners circle at Bristol Dragway. This is my first NHRA win and I am the Division 3 points leader going into my final race at Reynolds!

Read Jeremy's complete letter on the Ohio Crankshaft Letters Page

9/28/15 - BIG Weekend at Bristol - Jeremy Mason wins Super Comp, Rusty Cook semi final and Michelle Furr runner up in Super Stock

Visit the attaboy page for more standout competitors using Ohio Crank products
9/25/15 - Need a 620? - One ready to ship today
9/24/15 - Dyno Your Bracket Motor - We are doing more bracket type motors. It used to be thought this wasn't real important but racers are learning that a well tuned motor is more consistent as well as more reliable. If the fuel mixture is in it's "happy spot" it is a lot easier to follow weather changes.
9/23/15 - New SBC Rod Back in Stock - We had been out of this really popular new rods for a short while.
9/9/15 - Eric Bowling Continues Winning Ways with Win Numbers 20 and 21 Last Weekend - "Thanks so much for all of your help!", says Eric, "Please let all the folks at Ohio Crankshaft all of their hard work is really appreciated, I only wish I could help you guys out as much as you help me!! Thanks so much!" Just keep winning Eric with your Ohio Crankshaft components.
8/17/15 - Ohio Crankshaft Sweeps Waynesfield - "Weasel" Phlipot driving the Ohio Crankshaft UMP Dirt Car wins heat and feature using the OC hybrid LS 427.
8/14/15 - Oddy/Ward Dominating the Nostalgia AA/Gassers Season - Jr. Ward in Jim Oddy’s 1934 Willys Sedan “Junkyard Dog” has had a very winning 2015 season. See the AA/Gasser events results. Way to go gentlemen.
8/12/15 - ATTAGIRL Michelle - Another final round at NHRA St Louis LODRS in Super Street Eliminator.

7/30/15 - ProChargers - We speak BOOST - The new front mount Race Drive, or our own modified side drive featuring larger ARP studs.
7/16/15 - NEW 598-605 Short Block Design Available - Ohio Crank's new 598-605 Big Block Chevy Short Deck Short Block is available. The new short block information and pricing is available on our short block page.

The new package includes: Ohio Crank 4340 4.500 crankshaft, Ohio Crank 6.535 extreme duty I beam rods, JE gas ported 14.6 comp pistons, low tension rings, Speed-Pro or King Bearings and is internally balanced Available as a kit or assembled.

7/14/15 - Movin' on Up - Phlipot-Garke Racing and the Ohio Crankshaft UMP dirt car car scored a 2nd and 3rd over the weekend against some tough competition.
7/13/15 - 582 16 Degree Prototype - Complete engine used for design and dyno testing available for sale. Call Scott at 800-333-7113 for a deal.

7/13//15 - ATTABOY Rob Kropfeld - Rob won a Wally at the NHRA Route 66 Nationals in Super Street with Ohio Crankshaft parts.

Visit the attaboy page for more standout competitors using Ohio Crank products

6/26/15 - Oddy and Ward win the Hot Rod Reunion at Bowling Green - Big props for Jim and Junior, qualify number one and win the race.

See more great racer accomplishments on the attaboy page.

6/15/15 - Eric Bowling continues winning ways with Ohio Crankshaft components - So far for 2015, Eric has been in 9 finals at various central Indiana tracks, winning 8 of them. Eric says, "Thanks so much for all that you do for me and my operation. I truly am grateful to have the support from folks that care and take care of my operation! Thanks!!"

View our extensive attaboy pages for much more on Eric's winning ways plus many more racers.

6/2/15- Need a 620? - Our most popular drag race complete engine is in stock, also the new 16 degree 582

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