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Celebrating 40 years from his beginnings with a one-man auto repair shop, Stan Ray still has a hands-on approach with Ohio Crankshaft, producing hundreds of racing engines annually and always maintaining more than 1,000 crankshafts in stock.

Ohio Crankshaft is a major supplier of highperformance engines and components. Ohio Crankshaft President Stan Ray began with a on eman auto-repair shop called Stan Ray & Sons in 1969, and at that time, all of his tools and equipment could fit in the trunk of his car. Determined to make the business work, he kept the shop open seven days a week, except holidays, for two years. Soon, he had enough business to close Sundays, and his 12-year-old son, Scott, began pumping gas and changing tires, among performing other duties. Before getting into the engine-repair business, Stan was employed by the Air Force as a civilian testing brake components. His interest in owning a business and his knowledge of auto repair was a natural progression into opening the auto-repair shop.

In his early days, Stan’s emphasis was on engine repair and rebuilding. Over the years, more machinery was acquired and larger buildings were built, and being a drag racer, Stan’s reputation as an engine builder grew in the industry, and his business slowly gravitated to the performance industry. Stan raced dragsters and altereds at local tracks, and as Scott became of age, he, too,
began racing, graduating from local races to the Super Quick Series and eventually to Pro Mod.

The company’s lobby is typically filled with an assortment of completed engines, including a 632-cid big-block and its popular 555-cid big-block.

Ohio Crankshaft is now a three-generation business with Stan serving as president, Scott as general manager, daughter Mindy as office manager, and son-in-law Tim as manager of the block department, and Stan’s grandson, Ryan, just joined the company full time in the rod department. Family is very important to Stan, and it means a lot that they are working in the business with him.

Ten years ago, Ohio Crankshaft joined the CNC tool revolution, first with a Haas VF1 for rod work, when with a Millpoint machining center for blocks. These were followed by a Sunnen CNC diamond hone. The company has grown to fill a modern 16,000-square-foot facility plus two warehouse buildings with 15 employees using the latest CNC machines. At any given time, it keeps more than 1,000 cranks in stock.

Ohio Crankshaft is currently concentrating on its new ProMax series of cranks. The company has basically taken the options that customers requested and have incorporated them into a new line of cranks as standard options. The shafts are lightweight, featuring gun-drilled mains and undercut aerodynamic counterweights, and are forged from EN24/4340 steel with multiple heat treats. Most popular strokes for big-block and small-block Chevys are available, and LS cranks are now in production. Like all of the company’s shafts, these feature a final polish with its QPAC film polish system.

Ohio Crankshaft also produces crankshafts for nostalgia Funny Cars. Originally, Steve Plueger contacted Stan about modifying Ohio Crankshaft’s existing Hemi cranks to his specification. The company produced the cranks for Steve and his customers, and after considerable success with them, it added some more options and a billet version and now ships all of its shafts all over the world. The nitro nostalgia market continues to grow, and the company is now looking into producing other strokes that are being requested.

Ohio Crankshaft’s machining facilities are filled with Haas, RMC, and Sunnen computer-controlled machining stations for use with its components, blocks, engine kits, and complete racing engines.
Something that hot rod customers may not be aware of is all of the specialized crankshaft work that Ohio Crankshaft does, including for very large diesel shafts, exotic imports, and diesel pulling tractors, and for more than 20 years, the company has repaired the Allison cranks and blocks used in boats. Ohio Crankshaft, known for its more than 1,000 crankshafts in stock, is also a leader in complete racing-engine development. It produces complete lines of racing engines, short blocks, rotating assemblies, and engine kits. All products go through a complete testing process before going into production. Products are first tested on an in-house dyno, and then the company employs many top bracket and Super-class racers, including Rusty Cook, Michelle Furr, Kathy and Kevin Fisher, and Bill and Connie Rudy, to test its products in the real world of championship drag racing.

Using a Brodix bullet with a 5-inch bore center, Ohio Crank has designed its own 763-cid engine that puts out 2,048 horsepower with 1,620 foot-pounds of torque on a conservative Shannon Jenkins/SpeedTech nitrous setup. The same engine combination produces 1,500 horsepower with 1,250 foot-pounds of torque on “motor only” on the Ohio Crankshaft dyno in the research and development center.

The company’s flagship is the Ray family’s supercharged ’53 Corvette that competes in the NHRA Get Screened America Pro Modified class.
This is only one example of the company’s complete racing engine program that many racing teams have come to depend on. Ohio Crankshaft’s website is full of testimonials from happy and returning customers, and the company is known worldwide with dealers in six countries selling its products
For more than 40 years, Ohio Crankshaft has continued to be an innovator in the crankshaft industry. Its family atmosphere, friendly salespeople, and hard-working employees continue to build its reputation and its business acumen and help keep customers not only coming back but also spreading the word.

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